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We built StocksToTrade to help traders focus on the most important things: finding stocks easily, identifying trade opportunities, network with successful millionaire traders and make trades… quickly! StocksToTrade simplifies this process and gives you more time and opportunities to trade!

4 Ways StocksToTrade Will Improve Your Trading:

Find Stocks

Find trades quickly and easily using scanners & pre-built algorithms

Analyze & Chart

Access detailed intel, charts & real-time catalysts, with just a few clicks

Make Trades!

Make trades using your favorite broker or practice with paper trading

Chat & Learn

Connect with millionaire traders & other community members

6 Reasons Why StocksToTrade Is What You’re Missing With Your Trading: 

Scanning and researching stocks pre-market can be stressful every morning! That’s why we developed a specialized scanner that uses a proprietary algorithm to find the top 20 stocks that day traders should be watching before the market opens. This scanner cannot be found anywhere else

Detects 20 hottest stock movers (long and short) under $50+ before 9:30 a.m. ET, based on a proprietary algorithm, then calculates a trade signal within minutes of market open.

Between January–March 2022, Oracle has a 88% win-rate on both Long and Short Signals.

3. LIVE Stock Screener+

Time trades using one of the most popular day trading patterns with the help of our newest proprietary algorithm.

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Many stock screeners out there allow you to backtest or look at how stocks did in the future. But what makes StocksToTrade’s Screener tool unique is that we pull in LIVE, real-time market data to help you find stocks using thousands of combinations of criteria ranging from price movements, volume changes, fundamentals, indicators, catalysts, sectors, and many more!

150+ criteria you can mix and match from.

All using LIVE market data (NASDAQ, NYSE/AMEX, OTC Markets)

Save your scans for future use and even download and share them with friends.

4. Easy-To-Use Catalyst Scanners + Tools

Detect catalysts as they happen (even on cheap stocks that mainstream news doesn’t care about!)
Catalyst trades are often some of the best trades out there — and with StocksToTrade we’ve made it easier than ever for traders like you to find stocks with active catalysts. We’re not talking about your CNBC or AP Newswires… We’re talking about live news feeds on stocks big AND small.

Scan for stocks that have ACTIVE catalyst events such as news, earnings, or SEC filings.

Pair with our power Screener+ tool and use catalysts as screening criteria. 

Live news, SEC filing, and Twitter-mention feeds for every stock directly inside the platform!

5. Powerful Charting & Indicators

Time your trades and develop a trade plan using our powerful charts and indicators.
Once you detected a stock that could take off, you can access powerful (and frankly, beautiful) charting tools to help … with just one click! We’ve pre-programmed indicators, drawing tools AND news alerts directly into the chart so that you can find the right setups and timing within one click of your watchlist or scans.

Over 23 indicators to choose from.

Access these powerful charting tools and indicators by clicking on a ticker ANYWHERE within the StocksToTrade platform.

6. Make Real Trades (or Practice With Paper Trading)

Place trades within clicks of your scans, watchlists, charting or chat rooms. 
After you’ve found and analyzed the stock you want to trade… it’s time to place a trade! Switching tabs from your scanner or charting tool can waste valuable time and potentially missed opportunities. To help traders cut down on the time spent juggling around different platforms, we’ve added built-in brokerage integration with some of the most popular brokers for traders.

Integrate your broker and make trades directly within the platform.

If you’re not ready to trade real money or simply just want to practice … you can also use built-in paper trading and practice until you’re ready to make some money!


7. Real-Time Customizable Alerts

One of the worst things that can happen to a trader is they look away from their screen… or get distracted and miss the perfect setup for a trade. All throughout the platform we’ve made it easy for you to set up customizable alerts that notify you when something happens with a stock that you are watching so that you never miss your desired trades.

Set up customizable alerts that notify you when stocks meet your criteria that you configure using Screener+, Watchlists and even based on chart setups. 

Configure how long you want the alert to be active, customize the sound it makes and set whether or not you want a popup alert, sound alert or both.

And If That Isn’t Enough…..

Chat With Millionaire Traders Throughout The Day (Premium Add-on) 
We believe in the power of community. Among the top valuable traits that our most successful traders share: They embraced their education and trading within a community. That’s why you get chatrooms and live-streaming directly within the StocksToTrade platform (if you add to your account) . These aren’t just some Discords created by random traders on the web — each chat room is run by either successful millionaire traders or former professional Wall Street analysts.

Chat within the same screen as your scanners, charting tools, and trade-execution box.

Learn by seeing what millionaire traders are watching and trading directly inside of the chatroom!

Get breaking news on cheap momentum stocks as they happen from premium news wires, private chat communities and our custom scanners inside our Breaking News Chat. Curated and alerted by two former Wall Street Insiders.

Mobile App (Trade On the Go)

We get it: You can’t always be anchored down to your desk … and frankly, who wants to?! We also developed a custom mobile app so you can monitor stocks, keep tabs on scans, stay in touch with chat rooms, and view charts wherever you go. Works on both iOS and Android!

Connect With Your Favorite Broker

We’ve built integrations with the most popular brokers that traders use so that you can place traders directly within the platform. Such as: Robinhood, E*Trade, TDAmeritrade, Interactive Brokers, Tradier, TradeStation, and more on the way!
** Choose between the Breaking News, Small Cap Rockets, or Breakouts and Breakdowns chat rooms . New account must be funded with at least $2,000 to start.

Get Tim Sykes’s Pre-Built Scanners + Stock Market Safety Course

If being able to scan for stocks using our numerous scanners and thousands of screener combinations isn’t enough… you also get 10 of millionaire trader Tim Sykes’s favorite scanners directly in the platform.
AND you get Sykes’s exclusive Stock Market Safety Course designed to help you protect your trading account. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is StocksToTrade for me?
  • Are you a stock trader?

    Do you want to find better trade opportunities?

    Do you want to trade more efficiently w/ top-of-the-line tools?

    If the answer is yes … then you're in the right place.

    Our goal: To help you find more trading opportunities while simplifying your experience!
  • Do you have tutorials on how to use the platform?
  • Yes! Having these game-changing features is great … if you know how to use them!

    That's why you get access to StocksToTrade University, which contains hours and hours of education on how to maximize the potential of StocksToTrade and how to become a better trader!

    You also get to join our Profit Finder Bootcamp — a one-hour power course that shows you three top techniques to find trade opportunities using StocksToTrade.
  • If I try StocksToTrade for 14 days, am I locked in?
  • Absolutely not! At any point, if you're not satisfied with your subscription, you can easily cancel within the membership dashboard.
  • Can I use StocksToTrade outside the U.S.?
  • StocksToTrade provides service to traders worldwide, with access to U.S. equity market data in real time. We don't have geographical restrictions and welcome users from around the globe to use our services for their market data needs.
  • What happens after I sign up?
  • Keep an eye on your email inbox. You'll get your receipt, login credentials, and instructions to help you download and set up the program.

    You'll also get an access link to StocksToTrade University (using the same login). Within the next few days, you'll receive tips and strategies to help you make the most of your trial!

    If you have any issues, you can always reach out to our support team at for assistance.

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