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Make Money During The Global Oil Crisis 
See how some traders have recently seen 300%... 400% and even 1143%+ movers within a few days
Dear Reader, 

Tim Bohen, lead analyst of StocksToTrade here again and I have an important message for you that frankly is going to separate the sheep from the wolves. 

A couple of weeks ago I warned everyone that we’re FAR from done when it comes to the unprecedented volatility we’re seeing in the oil markets. 

Since I made my warning last week… many traders ignored me and jumped the gun and gave up on this hot sector.  
Tim Bohen
Stock Market Analyst
We're just getting started... and already they have since missed out moves like $SWN which since moved as as high as 45% since March 22nd.  
And traders who took my advice and used the FREE oil scanners got a taste of the action

Like the user Landrew who said

"Nice move on SWN - thank you for the oil and trash sceener tbohen"

We're just getting started here folks...

In fact Jim Ritterbusch, President of energy consulting firm Ritterbusch and Associates told Reuters that:

You don’t need to be a high-level geologist or an expert in oil markets to figure this out either…  
In fact, anyone who owns a car… or simply passes any gas station can see that gas prices are continuing to go through the roof. 

Slow production and the current crisis with Russia and Ukraine have caused gas prices to soar over an average of $4.23 per gallon, when just 1 year ago they were $2.78! 

Even with Biden releasing a negligible amount oil from the reserves,  OPEC+ Continues to hold it's ground on production.

And there is no immediate end in sight.

But it’s not too late. In fact... I truly believe this is a "buy low" opportunity within the sector. 

I want you to read this urgent letter carefully this time because I am going to show how some traders are using a single app to take advantage of this situation.
You’re either going to ignore this and go back to being slapped around at the pumps… 

Or you’re going to realize that this YOUR chance to take advantage of a hot sector that has seen upwards of 1000%+ swings. 
And the best part? 
If you keep reading I’m even going to GIVE you 3 tools to take advantage of these insane opportunities… for free. 
But before I give you these free tools… let me first explain to you how it works. 

It’s simple economics.

Take a look at this chart… It shows the correlation between Brent and WTI oil prices vs the SPDR Energy Select Sector ETF (XLE).
Source: YCharts
When oil prices go up… oil stocks usually go up as well. 

When oil prices go down… oil stocks usually go down as well. 

And we’re seeing this to extremes with the current crisis today. 

Exon ($XOM) was recently up over 25% on the year…

Chevron ($CVX) was recently up over 35% on the year… 

But while 25-35% gains over 3 months are phenomenal for long-term investors… 
Our goal is to find under-the-radar... plays that are faster and more explosive…  
That’s why I watch cheaper and more volatile stocks in the energy sector… 

Ultimately it doesn't matter what the price of oil is... for us traders we are looking for short-term volatility. 

Let’s take a look at IMPP for example…

Early in the year this stock fairly trading flat... nothing to get excited about. 
But after Russia invaded Ukraine… the stock soared from $0.78 on Feb 22nd…

All the way to a high of $9.70 by March 8th…
That’s an impressive 1143% move 
within a couple of weeks! 
But maybe even more impressive was how far ahead our StocksToTrade App was ahead of that rare movement.

On February 22nd $IMPP was first detected by our Oracle Algorithm, when it was only trading below $0.78.
Then again on February 24th, when it was trading under $1.76....
Then again on February 25th…  when it was trading under $1.55
Then again on February 28th… when it was trading under $2.45
Then again on March 1st… when it opened  under $1.85. 
Then again on March 3rd… 
Then again on March 7th… 
As you can see,  StocksToTrade platform repeatedly detected $IMPP BEFORE it's monster 1143% run that started on February 22nd.

We’re NOT talking about some mainstream play that Jim Cramer and the gang are pumping on CNBC…

This is an obscure oil penny stock that most people have never heard of before. 

And it hasn’t been the only explosive oil stock that has StocksToTrade has detected recently. 

These cheap “junk” oil stocks have been exploding for traders who know how to find them…  

Like HUSA’s 325% Move On March 7th
(Over 1 DAY!):
Before the market even opened our proprietary algorithm detected momentum on HUSA and calculated a $3.50 buy signal.
By end of the day it had hit a high of $13.94 (+325%)!
… Or $INDO which moved 929% in 9 days! 
It was detected by StocksToTrade on February 23rd when it was only trading $8.45. 
Just a few days later on March 7th it hit a high of $86.99 (+929%)

All detected with the all-in-one StocksToTrade platform. 
3 Free Oil Momentum Stocks Scanners To Capitalize On The Oil Price Surge: 

Free Scanner #1:

Oil and Gas Multi-Day Runner Scanner
This scanner is designed to show an up-to-date list of low-float oil stocks that have shown momentum potential based on previous day volume and the building multi-day volume. 

Free Scanner #2:

Energy Breakout Oil Stock Scan
This scanner looks for cheap energy stocks with good volume that are actively within a significant 52-week high breakout. 

Free Scanner #3:

Pre-Market Break Oil Stock Scan 
This scanner looks for cheap high liquidity energy stocks under $20 that actively is slightly under the high of day and but still trading higher than it's opening price.  
All 3 of these scanners are great for traders who are looking for opportunities to take advantage of the spike in the oil market. 

And they are free for subscribers of the StocksToTrade Trading Platform!
These .STTS scanner files can ONLY be used inside of StocksToTrade.

If you are already a member of StocksToTrade, you can click here download the scanners

They will only be available to download for a limited time (but can be used forever)… so do not wait to download these limited edition scanners. 
Not a member of StocksToTrade yet? 
I’ve put together an unprecedented deal that can get you started immediately at a HUGE discount.
And of course you will get access to the free oil stock scanners that I listed above. 

With StocksToTrade we’ve put together a suite of tools that streamline your ability to:

          1. Find stocks…

          2. Research opportunities...

          3. Execute trades ...

All-in-one place! 

You even have the option to upgrade your account and join active chat rooms with thousands of other traders and run by millionaire traders and some of Wall Street’s top analysts. 

Here's How StocksToTrade Works: 

STEP 1: Scan

You can take StocksToTrade for a test drive and quickly scan the markets with real-time data and filter through news to find the trades you want to take action on.

OR just use the prebuilt scanners (like the 3 limited-edition oil stock scanners I am giving you) that have been hand built by several millionaire traders or our powerful Oracle algorithm which detects the hottest potential movers in the market. 

Once you’ve found the stocks that meet your criteria you can build unlimited custom watchlists so your basket of stocks is ready to go at a moments notice

STEP 2: Research

Using the powerful data StocksToTrade’s uses… you can dig through your custom watchlists and research everything you need to know about the stocks on your list.

This research includes… 
  • Real-time news catalysts
  • ​Intuitive charting tools
  • ​Social media feeds
  • ​VWAP triggers 
  • ​SEC Filings 
  • ​Company Profile Intel
  • ​Key ticker statistics 
  • ​Analysts Ratings powered by TipRanks (premium add-on)
  • ​and much more! 

STEP 3:  Trade!

Once you’ve planned your trades… you can integrate your brokerage account and execute trades directly into the platform! 

Or if you just want to practice your trading without any risks you can even paper trade until you're ready to go after real profits. 

You even get access to StocksToTrade University with tons of content to help you execute your trades better using the platform. 

That’s it!

Your Scanning… Research AND Trade execution happens all in one place. 

We’ve eliminated the need to have a bunch of different tools just to find tradable stocks. 

Unlike other platforms we built StocksToTrade with retail traders in mind! 

Our goal is to take the software and algorithms that the pros use and put them in the hands of retail traders. 

And like I said... today I am giving you the best deal we are able to put together to help new users like you take advantage of the Oil Stock boom… 

PLUS… I’m giving you 3 FREE oil stock scanners that can be used for both day AND swing trading. 

Normally access to StocksToTrade costs $180… which frankly is a steal for how much value you get access to. 

But today… you can get 
StocksToTrade For Just $297 For Your 3 Months
(Then Just $129 Per Month After That)
Seriously… StocksToTrade for only $297 for your first 3 months and then just $129 (Limited-time special offer for new members only).

That is a $50 savings every month! 

Included with these limited-edition oil stock scanners. 

But here is the thing…

When this Black Gold Profits sale ends… you're out of luck. 

By not joining today you can expect to pay an additional $50 more per month like everyone else. 

And you can expect to miss out on these 3 limited-edition oil scanners to help you 

Are you ready? 

It’s time to take advantage of this rare market catalyst in the oil stock sector. 

Activate your StocksToTrade account and download your limited-edition oil stock scanners now! 

Drill baby drill, 

-Tim Bohen
(AKA T. Bohen PICKems) 

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