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FREE “Picks and Shovels” Stock Scanner
Elon Musk just said, “You Can’t Lose. It’s A License To Print Money”
Elon Musk just said, 
“You Can’t Lose. It’s A License To Print Money”
This Scanner Could Quickly Help Small Account Traders Unlock Massive Profits Off Of The $369 Billion “EV Gold Rush” MANDATED By Congress’ Inflation Reduction Act 
Dear Friend, Tim Bohen here. 

The next EV millionaires won’t come from investing in stocks like Tesla, GM, Ford, Lucid, or Rivian.


Competition is heating up. 

I’m sure you’ve seen what’s happened with Netflix and its stock price. 

They dominated for years because many legacy media companies ignored the streaming business.  

Tim Bohen
Stock Market Analyst
However, fast-forward to the present, and it seems everyone has a subscription streaming service…Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount +, HBO Max, Hulu, Peacock…, and the list goes on. 
Competition is killing Netflix, and it will soon put pressure on Tesla.

That’s why the best way to play the upcoming EV boom isn’t by buying EV makers…

Instead…. the smart money is on mining companies that will supply them with the materials to make the batteries and other renewable energy. 

Here’s what Elon Musk himself had to say about these mining companies during his company’s Q1 earnings calls:
“Can more people please get into the lithium business? Do you like minting money? The lithium business is for you.” He further said, “Lithium margins right now are practically software margins.”
Of course, my favorite quote from that call was:

“You can’t lose money. 
It’s a license to print money.”

“You can’t lose money. It’s a license to print money.”

Global lithium demand is expected to explode by over 4x over the coming years…

However, demand may be understated.


Because the government just passed the Inflation Reduction Act Bill. 

Just take a look at how much of it involves Lithium:
  • $9 billion in home energy rebate programs.
  • ​$4,000 consumer tax credit for lower/middle income individuals to buy used clean vehicles.
  • ​ Up to $7,500 tax credit to buy new clean vehicles.
  • ​$1 billion grant program to make affordable housing more energy efficient.
  • ​Production tax credits to accelerate U.S. manufacturing of solar panels, wind turbines, batteries, and critical minerals processing, are estimated to invest $30 billion.
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…  

Most of the lithium mined today comes from overseas, and with geopolitical tensions running hot… it’s too risky not to have lithium refined here in the U.S.

Remember what happened when we were getting all our oil from overseas?

Exactly…prices exploded. 

New players will have to emerge for our clean energy goals to come true—creating one of the best investing and trading opportunities since the dot-com era.

The EV gold rush is right around the corner…and the time to strike is now!
That’s why I want to give you my brand new 
“Picks and Shovel” Scanner.  
Now, if you have never heard of the term “picks and shovel,” allow me to explain. Its origin is from the 19th century, during the California Gold Rush. 

It’s a strategy focused on buying shares in the companies that provide the tools and services for the products people need. 

For example, all these EV makers are fighting to take the market share away from Tesla. 

Competition is good for consumers because it brings prices down. However, it lowers companies' margins, putting pressure on their share price. 
So instead of trying to play the EV boom by buying EV maker stocks…the “picks and shovel” play is to buy the lithium miners who will supply the EV makers with the materials needed to make the EV battery.

And while I believe the “picks and shovel” scanner alone could significantly impact your trading, helping you unlock these massive opportunities…

I want to make sure you secure the bag…

That’s why I want to give you access to my Oracle Algorithm, which my company spent millions of dollars developing. 

What makes it so different from anything else on the market?

It utilizes a proprietary algorithm to pinpoint the hottest money-making opportunities in the shortest time possible… giving traders direct signals on when to buy and sell…

I’m not kidding. 

But before I share some of its latest alerts. I have to tell you a little more about how we designed it. The goal isn’t just to find winning trades…but to find low-dollar stocks with explosive upside potential. 

I want people with small accounts to take advantage of what I believe is a once-a-decade opportunity. And that’s why we programmed Oracle the way we did. 

Check out some of the most recent alerts from Oracle:
A buy signal was sent out on HLBZ at $1.12…five hours later, it was trading at $1.88…the next day, it shot up to $2.39…that’s a 113% move! 
After issuing out a buy signal at $0.28, ANPC shot up to $0.59 in just over 3 hours…that’s a quick double!!
A buy signal was sent out on BWV at $4.50…less than 2 hours later, it was trading at $7.50…… that’s a 50% move!
A buy signal triggered at $10.20…six hours later…MGEL was trading at a high of $18.49… good for an 80% winner!
Typically to see these types of returns, you’d have to trade options or risky assets like crypto.
But that’s the beauty of Oracle. It focuses on highly liquid low-dollar, under-the-radar stocks… tailor-made for traders with small accounts.
By the time the mainstream media picks up on these plays, we’re likely out of the position…sitting on mean profits. 

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be in trades early and take my quick profits vs. chasing and fighting for scraps like most traders who end up losing money. 

Here’s the thing…

There’s only one place you can find the Oracle scanner, and that’s on the StocksToTrade Platform. 

Thousands of traders rely on StocksToTrade daily to gain an edge in the market…

And at a $539.85 quarterly price… StocksToTrade is an absolute steal. 

For someone like Timmy, it’s worth $8K. 

For Noelia, it brought her $1K, for three consecutive days. 

And it helped 2RipChic4 double their account. 

So yeah, at a quarterly price of $539.85…it’s hard to beat StocksToTrade. 

However, the EV Gold Rush is just too big an opportunity for people to miss out on. 
That’s why we’re going to drop the price to $297/quarterly for a limited time.
If you do the math, it’s less than $100 a month!!

That gets you the StocksToTrade Platform with the Oracle Scanner, which delivers approximately 20 trade alerts per day. 

You’ll also receive the free bonus “Picks and Shovel” scanner. 

This scanner delivers an up-to-date list of low-price lithium mining stocks based on our proprietary algorithm that hunts down potentially explosive moves BEFORE they happen.

No more sifting through social media trying to find plays…wasting your time looking at charts… just let the Oracle Algorithm do the heavy lifting for you.

But I’m not finished yet…

Oh yeah…I’ve got more bonuses for you.

Free Bonus #1:

“Picks and Shovel” Scanner
This scanner shows an up-to-date list of low-price lithium mining stocks based on our proprietary algorithm that hunts down potentially explosive moves BEFORE they happen. It's compatible only with the StocksToTrade Platform.

Free Bonus #2:

Growing A Small Account Live Webinar
Most people start with trading a small account. Some believe a small account is a crutch. But I’ll show you how to use it as an advantage. During this live training, you’ll discover the best strategies from my decade of coaching thousands of students. 

Free Bonus #3:

StocksToTrade Advisory ($87 value)
While we let Oracle do the heavy lifting for us, StocksToTrade Advisory is where we connect the dots. During this live pre-market training, I’ll detail my trading plan, which tickers I like, and share my weekly and monthly watchlist, which I’ll email to you directly. These sessions are live and interactive, and your participation is encouraged. 

Free Bonus #3:

Chartology Series (Exclusive To STT Subscribers)
So many traders mess up a good trade because of ill-timed entries and exits—which can be avoided by brushing up your charting skills. Chartology is a five-part video-on-demand training showing you how to read charts and patterns to improve your entries and exits. 

Free Bonus #4:

Trading Made Simple: 10 Trading Patterns Action Guide (value $17.99)
Talk to any good trader, and they’ll tell you that trading is all about pattern recognition. Once you discover winning patterns, sitting on your hands and waiting for the right setup to emerge is much easier. In this action guide, you’ll discover the 10 most essential patterns I utilize and teach my students. 


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If you don’t receive AT LEAST 5 winning plays from StocksToTrade during the first three months, email me at, and I’ll fully refund your purchase. 

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Our Pledge 

If you don’t receive AT LEAST 5 winning plays from StocksToTrade during the first three months, email me at, and I’ll fully refund your purchase. 

Secure Processing

Each order is processed through a secure, 256-bit encrypted payment processing gateway to ensure your privacy.
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