Holiday Mania 2021: 
THIS 1 APP Is Helping Stock Traders MAKE MONEY During The Holidays
(While Others Are Frantically Spending It!)
Happy Holidays! Tim Bohen here…

Read this carefully because I know there is going to be a lot of noise in your inbox this weekend. 

"Savings this"…

"Savings that"…

"Black Friday Special!"... 
Tim Bohen
Stock Market Analyst
While others are blowing their bank accounts by being suckered into saving $50 on an Instant Pot…

I am going to GIVE YOU 3 tools that I built to help stock traders PROFIT OFF those very same suckers!
And this gift frankly couldn’t come at a better time for you.

Take a look at this table put together by Schraffer’s Research. It shows that when looking at the S&P 500...
Historically the average return in the market is 3x higher during the week AFTER Black Friday than all other weeks of the year!
Source: Schraffer’s Research
And THIS WEEK EMarketer projects:
$6.10 Billion will be spent by consumers on THURSDAY…

$10.42 Billion ON FRIDAY...

$5.13 Billion ON SATURDAY...

$5.29 Billion ON SUNDAY…

And a whopping $12.12 Billion on Monday

A new all-time record for each of these days! 

But that number is eclipsed by another record-breaking statistic…

According to the National Retail Federation, more than $843 Billion is projected to be spent for the entire holiday season this year.

That is a 10% increase year-over-year!  

So you are probably wondering….

“How do I get a piece of this year’s $843 Billion in holiday season profits?” 
It’s not cheap to trade Amazon shares…

It’s not a sure thing to trade Apple...

And Walmart has been relatively flat for most of the year...

Basic trade ideas like these generally lead to basic results that don’t really move the needle in the short-term. 

I am NOT about that. 

Here at StocksToTrade we are here to support traders who are looking to cash in on their trades within a few hours or days. 

And the holiday season is the optimum time of the year for short-term traders…

According to Russell Investments…

“Lower liquidity and lower trading volumes over the holidays typically lead to wider spreads. This can result in larger price swings and an overall increase in market volatility.”

Which is what we are looking for as traders! 

We live and die by volatility. 

Even my good friend Tim Sykes loves holiday trading:

“There are more wannabe traders at home gambling in the market. They’re on holiday, bored at home with their families, and they want to try to make some trades. They don’t know what they’re doing, and that can create predictable patterns.

The holidays also bring more volatility. That’s mostly due to reduced trading hours and short-sellers covering their positions. The usual morning volatility carries right through into afternoon action. There’s no midday lull.”

-Tim Sykes
Millionaire Trader & StocksToTrade Co-Founder
Of course nothing is ever guaranteed in the stock market. 

But the numbers speak for themselves…
And this year… who knows what kind of madness we are going to see with how high consumer demand and the supply shortages are.

It’s going to be great for us!

I hope all traders make the most out of this holiday season.

There are TONS of under-the-radar plays in the retail sector that DON’T involve:

Spending $3,600+ per share on Amazon...

Or $160 per share on Apple...

Or $142 per share on Walmart.

You just need to know where to find them!

So I have developed 3 custom scanners designed to help you identify retail plays throughout the next few weeks.

You’re not going to find these 3 anywhere else FOR FREE and will only be available to download for a limited-time.
3 Free Retail Stock Scanners To Capitalize On The $843 Billion Holiday Mania:

Free Scanner #1:

Retail Breakout Scanner
This scanner is designed to show an up-to-date list of retail stocks that are poised to break out of their 52 - Week highs.

Free Scanner #2:

Afternoon Retail VWAP Scanner
This scanner looks for stocks between $1-20 per share in the retail space that are hugging VWAP. This baits short-sellers and oftentimes causes the price to run higher.

Generally works best during the afternoon hours, which is great for traders who avoid trading during the chaotic morning hours!

Free Scanner #3:

Unusual Retail Volume Scanner
This scanner looks for stocks between $1-10 per share in the retail space that are experiencing an unusual increase in trading volume.
All 3 of these scanners are great for traders who are looking for opportunities to take advantage of holiday spikes in the retail market.

And they are free for subscribers of the StocksToTrade Trading Platform!
These .STTS scanner files can ONLY be used inside of StocksToTrade.

If you are already a member of StocksToTrade, you can click here download the scanners

They will only be available to download for a limited time (but can be used forever)… so do not wait to download these limited edition scanners.
Not a member of StocksToTrade yet? 
I’ve put together a Black Friday deal that can get you started immediately at a HUGE discount.
And of course you will get access to the free retail scanners that I listed above. 

With StocksToTrade we’ve put together a suite of tools that streamline your ability to:

          1. Find stocks…

          2. Research opportunities...

          3. Execute trades ...

All-in-one place! 

You even have the option to upgrade your account and join active chat rooms with thousands of other traders and run by millionaire traders and some of Wall Street’s top analysts. 

Here's How StocksToTrade Works: 

STEP 1: Scan

You can StocksToTrade for a test drive and quickly scan the markets with real-time data and filter through news to find the trades you want to take action on.

OR... just use the prebuilt scanners (like the 3 limited-edition retail scanners I am giving you) that have been hand built by several millionaire traders or our powerful Oracle algorithm which detects the hottest potential movers in the market. 

Once you’ve found the stocks that meet your criteria you can build unlimited custom watchlists so your basket of stocks is ready to go at a moments notice.

STEP 2: Research

Using the powerful data StocksToTrade’s uses… you can dig through your custom watchlists and research everything you need to know about the stocks on your list.

This research includes… 
  • Real-time news catalysts
  • ​Intuitive charting tools
  • ​Social media feeds
  • ​VWAP triggers 
  • ​SEC Filings 
  • ​Company Profile Intel
  • ​Key ticker statistics 
  • ​Analysts Ratings powered by TipRanks (premium add-on)
  • ​and much more! 

STEP 3:  Trade!

Once you’ve planned your trades… you can integrate your brokerage account and execute trades directly into the platform! 

Or if you just want to practice your trading without any risks you can even paper trade until you're ready to go after real profits. 

You even get access to StocksToTrade University with tons of content to help you execute your trades better using the platform. 
That’s it!

Your scanning… Research AND Trade execution happens all in one place. 

We’ve eliminated the need to have a bunch of different tools just to find tradable stocks. 

Unlike other platforms we built StocksToTrade with retail traders in mind! 

Our goal is to take the software and algorithms that the pros take advantage of and put them in the hands of retail traders. 

And like I said... today I am giving you the best deal we can put together for Black Friday… 

AND the 3 FREE limited-edition retail scanners. 

Normally 3 months of StocksToTrade costs $540. 

But today… you can get 
3 Months For The Price Of 2 Months! 
Seriously… StocksToTrade Quarterly for only $349 for your first 3 months.

That is a $191 savings today! 

Included with these limited-edition retail scanners. 

But here is the thing…

When this Black Friday sale ends… you're out of luck. 

By not joining today you can expect to pay an additional $191 more.  

And you can expect to miss out on these 3 limited-edition retail scanners to help you 

Are you ready? 

It’s time to take advantage of the predicted $843 Billion “holiday mania” in the retail sector this year. 

Activate your StocksToTrade account and download your limited-edition retail scanners now! 

Happy Holidays,

-Tim Bohen

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