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With just one-click you start off with a list of 20 momentum stocks that have a high-potential to be explosive daily movers, generated by our algorithm-based Oracle scanner. 

Then with another click… you can access the chart, social chatter, and volumes of easy to understand research, SEC Filings, catalysts and analyst ratings for any of those 20 stocks. 

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That’s the power of StocksToTrade! 

You’re going to get access to:

20 NEW Stocks Poised To Move Every Single Day

Detected by our proprietary Oracle algorithm EVERYDAY.
NEW: ABCD Algorithm 

You'll also get access to our brand new ABCD algorithm which helps identify and time trades based on the famous ABCD Pattern.
Find stocks that meet YOUR rules 

Access to one of the most powerful stock screeners on the market using X amount of parameters. 

Prebuilt Scanners 

Get access to pre-built stock scanners created by Millionaire traders like Tim Sykes or upload and share scanners with your fellow traders.

Powerful Charting

Spot trends, identify momentum and analyze indicators with our powerful charting tools so that you can time trades.
Built-In Catalyst Detectors

Get access to real time catalysts news, SEC Filings and social media chatter with our catalyst scanners.
Make Trades With Your Favorite Broker OR paper trade!

Connect your brokerage account to StocksToTrade and make real trades within the app!  

Or… if you want to start off with some practice… paper trade and make FREE trades.
Find Stocks On The Go!

Find stocks even when you’re not at your computer with the new StocksToTrade Mobile App (for Android and iOS)
BONUS #1: StocksToTrade University 

Learn how to maximize the full power of StocksToTrade and even brush up on your trading skills with hours of trading courses inside of StocksToTrade University
BONUS #2: Profit Finder Bootcamp 

Join Tim Bohen where he walks you through 3 powerful techniques to find trade opportunities using the StocksToTrade App.
BONUS #3: Tim Sykes’s Stock Market Safety Course

Protect yourself before you make trades! Most trading courses focus on strategies to make money… but very few focus on how not to lose it. In this course Tim Sykes teaches the strategies that he has used to accumulate an 75%+ win-rate over the past 20 years.
BONUS #4: StocksToTrade Unscripted Premium Newsletter

Receive exclusive members-only content, stock picks, updates on the StocksToTrade community and even special trade alerts… straight to your inbox weekly! 


The question you should ask yourself is… how are you going to attack the markets on [Next Day] morning? 

Are you going to scour the web and look for watchlists written by glorified journalists…

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[Next Day] is your opportunity to put this all-in-one app to the test.

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To your wealth, 

Tim Bohen 
Lead Stock Trainer 
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