Proprietary Algorithm Forecasts The 20 Hottest Stock Movers … before the market opens!
Traders have seen stocks move 35%, 72% and 275%+ within a day, by replacing shady “mainstream” watchlist
Hi. Tim Bohen here. I'm the lead stock trainer and analyst at StocksToTrade.

Let’s face it…

If you trade stocks, you’ve probably seen some sort of watchlist of “top stocks to watch” on some financial websites at some point or another.

But the question is… how have those worked out for you?

Have they helped you score a 300% mover within the same day?


How about a 120% mover within just a few hours?

Or how even about a 19% mover within just a few minutes?

Chances are… probably not.
All it takes is a few quick Google searches for any journalist to piece together 3 sentences on why they think a particular stock is hot.

ANYONE can do that!

And sure… sometimes these watchlists work out….

But think about how often a watchlist has been wrong and how many times your trades have gone south because of that bad intel.

What I’m about to share with you will change how you approach trading.
With one click... This revolutionary new algo helps traders narrow down thousands of stocks into just 20 that have the potential to be explosive movers THAT VERY SAME DAY!
Let’s look at those three examples from just a few seconds ago…
If you had invested $5,000 in all three of them, you could have made upward of $21,950…. again within just a few hours or minutes.

And let’s be real: Those are extraordinary gains, and trades like that don’t typically happen all of the time for most traders.

But all three of them were found using a tool that takes just one click to use.

Don’t believe me? There are examples like this every week!

Take a look December 13th…

Before the market opened, this algorithm put together a list of 20 stocks that it detected had the best chances to be a mover that very same day.

One of those tickers was $FHTX

It was pre-market trading at just $16.19 just one hour before the market opened.

Then a few minutes after 9:30 a.m., this algorithm calculated a buy signal of $18.31.
Now... let’s be clear before we go forward… Nothing in trading is perfect… Including this algorithm I’m about to show you.  

Not every stock it detects will end up being buy opportunities that very same day.  

If someone is telling you that there’s a guaranteed return in the stock market — run for the hills!

But in the case of FHTX within one hour AFTER the market open… the stock already ran up to $18.88.

And by the end of the day the stock hit a high of $19.63

That is a 21.2% move within 1 trading day!

If you nailed this trade perfectly… a $9,000 starting stake could have helped land a $1,980 profit … within just a few hours!

Now let’s be clear… I’m not saying that you’re going to nail a perfect trade just with one trade. That isn’t easy. And in that scenario, you’d need to have perfect timing.

I’m simply trying to illustrate the potential of the trade opportunities detected by this algorithm.

Let’s take a look at another one….

How about on the ticker XXII…

Between October and December, there really wasn’t much going on with this stock…
Then on December 23rd… the Oracle scanner detected XXII as one of the 20 movers for the day.

And at 9 a.m. Eastern time, it was trading at $2.15

The algorithm calculated a buy signal of $2.47...

And by 12:40 p.m., it had already run to a high of $3.52!

That means if you would have bought XXII premarket could you have made upwards of 58% within just a few hours. 

Think about that…

A 58% mover on a $9,000 investment could have made you $5,220 withing a few hours.

I’ll take $5,220 any day!

In fact… that’s more than what most people make in an entire month!

Again… this is just a hypothetical scenario where you’d need to have perfect timing. Not an easy thing to do.

But the potential to have extraordinary days is there.

Here’s the thing, though: I truly believe that you’ve been put into a disadvantage over the years.

And as more people enter the markets, Wall Street always finds ways to maintain their competitive advantage over traders like you.


It’s difficult to shift through tens of thousands
of stocks every morning by yourself…

 …and the proliferation of “financial experts” has made it harder for traders like you!

I was in a similar position as you — I never was some Wall Street bigwig.  

I didn’t trade on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

I'm a simple man who started a computer business in the 90s. And after about a decade of running that successful business, I got bored.

It was no longer fulfilling to me.

But after reading a bunch of books I, discovered how powerful stock trading could be…  and how you really don’t need to be a financial savant to be successful in trading.

One of those books was by millionaire trader Tim Sykes. I contacted him and ended up becoming one of his first students.
And let me tell you… I was lucky!

Fast forward a year or two. I transitioned into trading stocks full-time and the rest is history. And Tim and I are still great friends today.

Now I train traders myself and use my background in computer engineering to develop software based solutions to their problems.

But it was much simpler back when I got started.

Today… There’s so much noise out there.

 Not everyone is fortunate enough to stumble across experts with good intentions

And with how savvy these big financial companies have become, there are textbooks of strategies that these companies use to push their agenda.

It’s almost like these financial experts set traps for everyday traders.

And when you talk about money… It's difficult to know who to trust.

But the reality is…  

Who really knows who these experts on YouTube are or who they work for.

Or how about the writers in the mainstream media?  

Are you really sure they aren’t being paid to pump up the stocks they promote on CNBC or Fox Business?

SERIOUSLY?!!  Who even knows whose payroll Cramer is on?
The truth is: You don’t!

It’s virtually impossible to know the REAL reasons behind the stock recommendations out there.

And the result is everyday traders like you and I get caught into a huge web of contradictory information…

In fact, a recent article from Bloomberg outlines how it’s becoming more common for banks, startups and other companies in the financial space to HIRE social media influencers to market their financial products.
In fact, some influencers are getting paid as much as $20,000 per post, depending on how many people see that post.
With this kind of money being tossed around by these big companies… How do you know who to trust?

And it’s only going to get worse…

According to a November 2021 paper published by the Carnegie Endowment … because of how fast financial-focused communities are growing in size, they’re becoming bigger targets for malicious information operations.
The reality is it’s becoming more and more dangerous to blindly follow every stock tip that you read out there.

But we here at StocksToTrade came up with a solution for that.

Using algorithms we built the Oracle Scanner
to detect stocks BEFORE they explode

Let’s be clear about something before I go further…

I’m not talking about some random analyst’s opinion or prediction.

There’s a big difference you need to understand.

The StocksToTrade Oracle Scanner is based on a proprietary algorithm that our team of experts spent months developing.

Now that might sound a little complicated to some at first, but that’s actually the best part!

In the pre-market, it automatically scans for stocks under $50 with significant premarket movement based on a handful of criteria ranging from volume, the amount of actual trades made across the market, to the stocks’ float.

From there, the Oracle scanner looks at news events, SEC filings and significant trades, and then prioritizes the top 20 stocks that meet all of the above criteria.

Then… right after the market opens, the Oracle scanner runs itself again — and based on predefined candle triggers, calculates a buy signal and a short signal.

It’s a multi-step approach that could normally take traders hours to do by themselves using inferior stock screeners and viewing charts.

That’s valuable time that could be spent on making more trades … and when things work out …. making more money!

Oracle was built so you DON’T have to do the manual searching and charting required to find these stocks. It’s all automated for you.

Or trust some random guy on the Internet stock picks.

The entire goal of Oracle is to make it SUPER EASY for everyday traders to detect and access these 20 high-momentum stocks every morning.

The app does the calculations and scanning work for you!


You Can View These 20 daily stocks that the Oracle Scanner detects every morning 
with just one click!

Think about it…

That’s less effort than it takes to browse CNBC…

Motley Fool…

Yahoo Finance…

Or any of the websites that the rest of the herd follows.

Don’t believe me when I say it’s as easy as one click?

Check out this REAL trade example of how easy it is to use the Oracle Scanner:

I accessed these 20 Oracle Stocks for the day with ONE click...

And with just a few more clicks, I made a 8% profit off one of them within 10 minutes!

That’s the power of StocksToTrade.

Our team of developers and real professional traders have spent years developing the StocksToTrade platform to simplify the trading process.

So that’s why…

This powerful Oracle scanner is included absolutely free inside of StocksToTrade...

That’s not everything though.

The team’s always coming up with new ways to simplify how traders find, analyze and trade profitable stocks.

In fact… let’s say I want to see different stocks then the ones Oracle generates…

Let’s say a list of Biggest % Gainers of Stocks $5 and under .

I simply go over to where it says Scans…

Hover Over Biggest % Gainers

And then…. Select $5 and Under
And there you go…

That’s your list of cheap stocks that meet the highest % gainers for the day.

That’s just one example of several pre-configured scans you can find built into the platform. In fact….

These pre-scans were hand-picked by Millionaire Trader Tim Sykes, and are some of his favorite scans he uses every day

All included for FREE inside of StocksToTrade!

But if you don’t want to use any of the pre-configured scans and find stocks using your own criteria…  

You can use StocksToTrade’s powerful stock screener to find specific lists of stocks based on any of the thousands of different customizable variables you can choose from.

Regardless of whether you use the Oracle Scanner, our pre-configured scans or our stock screener, once you find the stock you’re interested in trading…

All you have to do is click the stock once and you can access StocksToTrade’s powerful charting tools and research!

AND make real trades using your favorite broker!

And more!

… Again, with just a few clicks inside of just one platform.

But like I said earlier: You shouldn’t blindly follow anyone in the markets these days…

Including me!

I want you to see for yourself.

I’M CONFIDENT that this platform will supercharge the way you trade and help you find more opportunities to profit.

All without having to blindly follow random information found out on the internet.

When you try out StocksToTrade, you get access to…

The Oracle Scanner for FREE…  This is the proprietary algorithm that forecasts the 20 hottest stocks pre-market.

You also get Millionaire Trader Tim Sykes’s Pre-configured Scanners…for FREE.

These are the very same scans that Tim Sykes commonly uses with his daily trading.

All of these are included within the StocksToTrade platform.

In fact, all in all…

There are over 70 features built into the platform to help you:

A) Find stocks…

B) Analyze the ones you’re interested in... using powerful charting tools and research feeds.

C) Trade directly into the platform… either with your favorite broker or practice with paper trading.  

You even have the option of joining premium chat rooms led by millionaire traders and professional Wall Street insiders.

All-In-One App!

It could cost you thousands of dollars per year to get this kind of technology,

I mean, look at Bloomberg Terminals… those run at least $24,000 per year.

Think about that…  That’s $2,000 per month!!!!

But don’t worry.... StocksToTrade doesn’t come anywhere near that price.

In fact, normally a subscription to StocksToTrade is only $179.99 per month.

But like I said…

I want you to try StocksToTrade, The Oracle Scanner and our other pre-configured scanners for yourself without any pressure.

You won’t even need to pay $179.99 per month today.

I don’t want you blowing money you could be using in the markets on something that ends up never being used.

The goal of StocksToTrade is to help you find more opportunities to MAKE MONEY!

We want you to see the value for yourself and actually use it!

So today, I’m giving you the opportunity to
If you break it down on a cost-per-day basis, we’re talking about only 50 cents per day.

We charge that $7 to help recoup our data costs associated with your trial.

Those costs are NOT cheap! We pay millions of dollars every year to give our users access to the best data we can get our hands on.

And we want you to have access to it for yourself.

I have no doubt that within 14 days, you’ll see the tremounds value of having this powerful data at your fingertips.

And if not?

Well  — You can cancel your membership at any time on your own…

Without having to call and wait for customer service.

We’ve made this as risk-free as possible so there are no barriers to get your hands on StocksToTrade.


And that’s not even everything you get!

We DON’T want you to have to figure things out on your own and fend for yourself.

So we put together StocksToTrade University to help walk you through using the platform to improve your trading.

Inside the University, you have access to hours of content on how to make the most of StocksToTrade and vast resources to help you improve your trading knowledge.

And if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for inside StocksToTrade University, you can always reach out to a member of our US-based Customer Service Team to help answer your questions.

But that’s still not everything…

You also get access to our brand-new premium newsletter, StocksToTrade Unscripted, where you’ll receive exclusive members-only content, updates about the StocksToTrade community, and even occasional trade alerts.  

StocksToTrade Unscripted Sent Straight to your inbox!

It’s all included free within StocksToTrade.

So what are you waiting for?

We did our part.

We made this 14-day trial as risk-free to you as we possibly could.

Only $7 Today!

Click on the button below to start your trial.

I’m excited to see you inside the platform!

To your success,

-Tim Bohen
Lead Trainer
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