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My trading platform (that I spent years developing) that contains my proprietary algorithms, powerful Screener+, and indicators… all-in-one place. You can even make trades directly inside! 

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CatalystX Alerts 

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BONUS: MONTHLY Intel Reports

Tim Sykes Letter

Receive an in-depth analysis report on the sector that my analysts and I are most excited about AND a list of stocks that within that sector that you should be paying attention to! 

Frequency: Once Per Month

BONUS: MONTHLY Intel Reports

Market Minutes

Every Monday you’ll receive a quick video containing analysis of what lies ahead in the markets AND what stocks to watch for that week

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Education Vault 

Access my top video trainings on-demand and uplevel your trading so you can make the most out of the intel you’ll have access to. 
Some of these courses include
  • Traders Checklist Part I and Part II video trainings
  • Stock Market Safety Course
  • StocksToTrade University
  • And more!

Frequency: 24/7 Access

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