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This All-In-One Trading Platform Is Revolutionizing How Traders Are Finding New Trades

There are three things that EVERY modern day trader needs to be successful: 

1. Fast up-to-date information on stocks and important market catalysts  

2. Tools to help you plan and execute trades 

3. A community of traders to learn and share ideas with. 
 And that’s exactly what StocksToTrade helps you do, pure and simple.
It is a true all-in-one trading platform that allows you to 

✅ Scan 
✅ Research 
✅ Trade
✅ And Chat

So you can EXECUTE TRADES FAST without wasting precious time every morning trying to filter through a firehose of information. 


We’ve built a community of traders who have unlocked the full advantage of this powerful all-on-one trading tool. These traders have access to this market advantage then…. 
And we are lowering the barrier of entry for you to see for yourself... ? 

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(You can cancel ANYTIME during the 14 days without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your user dashboard and click “cancel my account.” Or, you can contact our support team and they’ll help you out. It’s that simple.)

14-Day Trial To StocksToTrade Premier

I’m tossing you the keys, so you can test drive StocksToTrade for two full weeks!

What will having this POWER mean to you??

We’re talking about changing the way you plan and execute your trades before you even finish your trial! 
Here’s how: 
Step 1: With your 14-Day trial, you can take StocksToTrade for a test drive and quickly scan the markets with real-time data and filter through news to find the trades you want to take action on.

OR just use the prebuilt scanners that have been hand built by several millionaire traders.

Once you’ve found the stocks that meet your criteria you can build unlimited custom watchlists so your basket of stocks is ready to go at a moments notice
Step 2: Using the powerful data StocksToTrade’s uses… you can dig through your custom watchlists and research the stocks 

This research includes…  

 Real-time news catalysts
 Intuitive charting tools
 Social media feeds
 Analysts Ratings powered by TipRanks
 VWAP triggers
 SEC Filings
 Company Profile Intel
 Key ticker statistics
 And much more! 

And if those tools aren’t enough…

With StocksToTrade Premier you also get access to 3 active chat rooms where you can interact and bounce ideas off of millionaire trading instructors, top market analysts and thousands of other traders. 

Step 3: Once you’ve planned your trades… you can integrate your brokerage account and execute trades directly into the platform! 

Or if you just want practice you can even paper trade!

And That's Just For Starters!

Because When You Claim Your 14 Day Trial... 

You're Also Going To Get Access To: 

Huge Bonus #1: 

Tim Bohen’s Top 10 Trading Patterns To Know Ebook

Patterns often repeat themselves in the stock market. It’s crucial that traders can recognize these patterns before they occur. 
That’s why I’m giving you SPECIAL access to this ebook for you to study.

This extensive eBook covers everything you'll want to know before you start making trades. 
Plus- there's a complete trading glossary with terms that are crucial for a trader to know.

Huge Bonus #2: 

StocksToTrade Mobile for IOS and Android

StocksToTrade's real-time data is accessible from your phone! 

Now you can check on your watchlist on-the-go, access screeners, and get chat room alerts on the StocksToTrade app. Available for IOS and Android.

Go Ahead, Dig In!

If you’re someone who’ll stop at NOTHING to get what you want in life...

Then use your 14-day trial wisely and devour any or all of these ‘closed door’ trainings inside StocksToTrade University and in Tim Bohen’s eBook.

Here's some of the tools you'll get access to inside StocksToTrade when you start your trial...

1. The All-In-One StocksToTrade Platform 

Don't miss a thing with StocksToTrade's real-time data... you can even practice your skills with real-time paper-trading. With intuitive trading tools, powerful scanners, customizable charts, and news screeners, you can efficiently scan the market and find actionable trades quickly. 

Did you know that Twitter is a valuable resource for traders to see the buzz around specific stocks? 

Anytime you open a chart on the StocksToTrade platform you can see what people are tweeting about regarding that specific ticker at a glance. 

You'll also see SEC Filings info, events, basic info, key statistics, related stocks, and news without having to leave the chart view. 

2. Small Cap Rockets Chatroom & Alerts

Get alerted to small cap stocks by three 6-figure traders every day during market hours. 

Matt Monaco, Bryce Tuohey, and John Papa actively alert to trades they're entering, provide commentary and strategies, and answer questions. 

Here are some recent alerts mentioned in the chat room: 
Imagine being a part of either of these trades that the moderators alerted to... even being able to follow along is a solid opportunity for you to learn and understand why these stocks are on their radar.
(You can cancel ANYTIME during the 14 days without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your account settings and click “cancel my account.” Or, you can contact our support team and they’ll help you out. It’s that simple.)

3. Breaking News Chat Chatroom & Alerts

Every trading day, two former financial analysts are alerted to stock news (often before anywhere else) that show signs of a potential breakout. 

Many traders spend tens of thousands of dollars on expensive trading tools that give them access to fast breaking news… but with StocksToTrade Premier you can get similar intel included at no additional charge!

Take a look at some of the catalyst events that they alerted subscribers to: 

NUZE: alerted at $2.89 and spiked up over 160% to hit a high of $7.60.

PTPI: alerted premarket at $2.20 and reached $3.82 within a couple of hours for a gain of 70%.

OLB: Alerted in premarket at $5.60 then hit a high of $12.50 -- up over 120% from the alert!

4. TipRanks

Wondering whether or not you should buy or sell a stock? 

TipRanks takes the guesswork out and provides insight on what financial analysts are thinking. 

This very same intel is sold independently to traders for hundreds of dollars per year.  

But with StocksToTrade Premier… You get access for just $7! 

Oh, and in case you're wondering...

“So you’re really giving all of this away for $7? Isn’t that kind of crazy?”

Not really...

I want to give traders the tools necessary to succeed in the markets. 

I have trained over 25 Millionaire Traders over the past decade… and I am looking for my next students! 

Once you start using StocksToTrade to scan the markets, you will see just how powerful the tools found within can transform the way you trade.
From here, you're a few clicks away from trying StocksToTrade Premier for two weeks. 
Click on the button below to get started with your 14-day trial to StocksToTrade Premier, (and everything that comes with it), and we can finally get started!
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch my video. I hope it has been incredibly eye-opening and helpful for you!

Timothy Sykes

(You can cancel ANYTIME during the 14 days without any hassle or funny business. Just login to your account settings and click “cancel my account.” Or, you can contact our support team and they’ll help you out. It’s that simple.)
P.S. REMEMBER: You can waste a ton of time spending hours flipping through various browser tabs, searching for news on stocks...


You can take the power back, consolidate all of the tools in your trader toolbox with StocksToTrade, and begin to trade efficiently.

P.P.S. If a trading platform like this existed when I first began trading... 

... then I imagine I might have become a successful trader sooner!

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